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Out of deference to my favorite Einstein quote and business mantra above, I feel compelled to post this Natasha Lomas blog post that appeared in TechCrunch earlier this week.  My first boss back in 1994 managed his firm on the KISS model (Keep It Simple, Stupid), and it has stuck with me since (Thanks Dad).  My big takeaway is that startups must understand that simplicity is not just about messaging, but about their business models in general.  It may feel like a conundrum as today’s investors all seem to be looking for the 50X exit, but the longest of journeys begin with a single step. Solve a problem. Be agile. And remember that Johnson & Johnson was founded with a first aid kit as its first product.


20 years ago I played Key To The Highway at Maggie’s in Atlanta with the Bruck Brothers — it was the first time I had ever played in public and many a person there would have bet it would be the last. Well Glenzo and the Bruck Brothers reunited tonight on Miami Beach with a much refined sound and a broader vocabulary of blues covers.  Click here for a nice little Before You Accuse Me jam, Clapton Unplugged style.  This one was for you Greg.  (Not a bad recording done on the voice memo app on my iPhone).